Hot Spinning manufacturing process for Bomb Bodies

March 27, 2023

McCormick Stevenson Showcases New Hot Spinning Bomb Bodies Process

McCormick Stevenson is pleased to announce that its new Hot Spinning manufacturing process for Bomb Bodies has recently been highlighted at the NAVAIR and NAVSEA Innovative Technologies Showcase in Washington DC. The technology, which adapts Hot Spinning / Flow Flowing methods to manufacturing bomb encasements, is the subject of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project from NAVAIR. The improved process by MCCST aims to enable tighter tolerances leading to improved accuracy, and reduced tooling to enable rapid response capability for upgrades.

The SBIR at MCCST is being led by Matthew Gaines and Ryan Voss, who have demonstrated the technology. At the request of the Navy, they delivered a well-received presentation of the results and plans for further development. The potential for the technology to improve capability of legacy systems and widen the supplier base has gained considerable interest, including for extended military and commercial applications, outside the most immediate Navy requirements.

The technology is currently undergoing advancements for the build of a full-scale prototype. Upon demonstration of the prototype, MCCST aims to work with the Navy to implement the hot spinning process to improve the lethality, precision, and accuracy of legacy bomb casings.

MCCST extends our appreciation to NAVAIR for their support, and for the tremendous opportunity to present the Hot Spinning Bomb Bodies technology for other applications. We remain committed to working together to bring the technology to production applications.

To learn more about Hot Spinning technology, please see a short presentation on the technical highlights by McCormick Stevenson, Advanced Engineer, Parker Adams, at For more detailed information, contact us at, or give us a call and ask for Ryan Voss or Matt Gaines.

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