Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence with McCormick Stevenson

As we commemorate our 25th anniversary at McCormick Stevenson, we reflect on the remarkable journey that has brought us to this milestone. Founded with a steadfast commitment to serving America's warfighters, we have embraced our noble purpose: to defend human liberty through engineering expertise and dedication.

About McCormick Stevenson: At McCormick Stevenson, we specialize in providing engineering services in support of the development and production of armament systems. With deep expertise gained through an exclusive focus on this field, our team delivers immediate impact to our clients and partners. As a small, non-traditional defense contractor, our agility and responsiveness enable us to meet a wide range of challenges while ensuring on-time delivery of optimal solutions.

"McCormick Stevenson would like to thank our entire team along with all the customers and vendors who’ve made this 25-year journey enjoyable. We look forward to many more years serving America’s Heroes as only engineers can."


Welcome to McCormick Stevenson's Monthly Service Anniversary Celebrations!

We love honoring our team's dedication each month with lunch, cake, and good company. This year, we're capturing these special moments with photos to share on this page as we also mark our 25th year of service to America. Join us in celebrating our incredible team and looking forward to many more years of success together! Cheers!

Celebrating 25 Years with Custom Socks!

In January, McCormick Stevenson celebrated its 25th year in business by gifting custom socks to our incredible team. Our project managers couldn't resist modeling them in the photo below! It was a small yet heartfelt gesture to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Here's to many more years of success and teamwork ahead!

Celebrating 25 Years of McCormick Stevenson with Burger21 Food Truck Lunch

In February, McCormick Stevenson marked its 25th year in business with a fun lunch from the Burger21 food truck. We gathered for tasty burgers, fries, and a cookie, capturing some of the enjoyable moments in photos below. It was a genuine celebration, reflecting our gratitude to all who have been part of our journey. Thank you for your continued support, and here's to many more years of success ahead!

Celebrating 25 Years of McCormick Stevenson with Custom Name Badges and Cookies!

In March, McCormick Stevenson continued celebrating its 25th year in business by gifting the team custom name badges, accompanied by delicious cookies bearing the message: "What a great team...we'd crumble without you." As seen in the photo below, led by the humorously creative Parker Adam, our team proudly sported their new badges and indulged in the sweet treats, showcasing their camaraderie and playful spirits. It was a fun and meaningful gesture from our CEO, Melissa McCormick, to express gratitude for the team's dedication and hard work. Here's to many more years of success and shared laughter together!

Celebrating 25 Years: April BBQ Lunch Gathering at Noel and Melissa's Home

We're excited to share highlights from our recent BBQ lunch gathering at Noel and Melissa McCormick's home, celebrating McCormick Stevenson's 25th year of service to America's Heroes. The event was a delightful mix of delicious food, laughter, and camaraderie, as our team came together to reflect on our achievements and look forward to the future. Take a peek at the photo gallery below to see the fun-filled moments from our April celebration!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to mark this milestone anniversary in style!