NAC General Membership Meeting

The NAC General Membership Meeting is an annual forum bringing the DoD Armaments Community together to discuss requirements, challenges, and emerging opportunities in a unique collaborative environment using an OTA.

McCormick Stevenson is proud to be one of over 1,100+ organizations that belong to the National Armaments Consortium (NAC). NAC partners with the Department of Defense’s Ordinance Technology Consortium (DOTC) to streamline acquisition, reduce fielding time and innovate technologies while maximizing collaboration for our Nation’s security. This annual membership meeting brings together over 1,000 people from small, medium and large private industry businesses and academia from across the NAC and DOTC armaments community.


NAC Notes From Noel

For over 20 years, Noel McCormick has been serving the armaments community. He shares his thoughts on the upcoming annual NAC Membership Meeting.

Every year, members of the NAC gather together to seek a better understanding of current and future warfighting challenges, to collaborate, and to meet those challenges head-on. I love the construct—the chance to stand apart from day-to-day business commitments and remind ourselves just who and why we serve. The defense of liberty requires an extraordinary personal and professional commitment on the part of America’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines—a commitment that I greatly admire, and that those of us in the industry work hard to honor through our own dedication to exceptional performance.

Several years ago, I was privileged to attend a briefing by Mr. James “Hondo” Geurts, then Acquisition Executive, USSOCOM, now Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition. Mr. Geurts’ advice was simple, “Never measure your importance by your proximity to the fight.” A generous perspective that stuck with me. In a similar way, my membership and participation in the National Armaments Consortium reminds me of that noble cause.

Noel McCormick

Noel McCormick and Charlie Zisette, NAC Executive Director at 2018 NAC Event

Noel McCormick Featured in First Episode of NAC’s
Collaboration Conversations

Noel McCormick was featured in the National Armaments Consortium’s (NAC) inaugural episode of “Collaboration Conversations,” a series of brief discussions on tips and best practices of NAC members. Noel and Charlie Zisette, NAC’s Executive Director, discussed the consortium-based Other Transaction Agreement (OTS) and how non-traditional contractors can best engage with both government and other NAC consortium members.

Noel Elected to NAC Executive Committee

Noel McCormick was elected to the NAC Executive Committee effective October 1, 2019, as a representative of the Small Business Class. In this role, Noel provides governance and oversight of the organization as well as represents the voice of other NAC members. In addition to small business, or non-traditional defense contractors, the NAC Executive Committee also has members representing large, more traditional defense contractors and academia. With over 35 years of experience in service to America’s Warfighters, Noel has the requisite experience necessary to guide the NAC organization toward increasingly relevant and valuable goals. As a founder in 2008, and past Chairman of the Florida Federal Contractors Association, Noel has demonstrated a willingness to both serve and lead the larger defense community.

Serving America's Heroes, as Only Engineers Can

At McCormick Stevenson we embrace a simple but noble purpose – to Defend Human Liberty – a mission we execute through service to America’s warfighters.