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July 27, 2020

McCormick Stevenson Partners with USF Department of Mechanical Engineering on Capstone Design Project

McCormick Stevenson is committed to helping mentor the next generation of engineering talent. McCormick Stevenson sponsored a Capstone Design Project with the USF Department of Mechanical Engineering. These projects are designed to provide students with hands-on experience in a team environment while incorporating appropriate engineering standards. This design project was focused on completing a trade study of mechanical concepts for a gimbal, or pivoted support device, capable of withstanding a Hi-G gun launch environment. The gimbal designs had to survive the launch and be able to maximize the field of regard for a future sensor suite once it was “out of the tube.” McCormick Stevenson’s 3D printer was utilized for developing the gimbal designs for this particular project.

The project included defining specific requirements and trade criteria, brainstorming and developing concepts in SolidWorks, launch survivability analysis in SolidWorks, and making 3D printed prototypes of the final concepts. The USF team did a thorough job on the design and analysis and generated a comprehensive final report of the trade study findings. McCormick Stevenson was able to offer engineering guidance throughout the process and hosted the team in the Clearwater office for regular working sessions. Great job to the USF Capstone team!

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