April 30, 2021

McCormick Stevenson Engineer Steven Gioiosa Involved in University of South Florida’s SpaceX Satellite Launch Project

Engineer for McCormick Stevenson, Steven Gioiosa, was part of a group of University of South Florida (USF) students who developed three satellites that were launched into orbit by SpaceX as part of a communications mission. The group consisted of twenty-four students who worked for three years to develop the satellites onboard a SpaceX rocket. Aboard the rocket already were roughly 140 satellites from different countries.

The goal of the project was to launch three inexpensive sandwich-sized satellites into orbit and pass information between the satellites in space and back to the ground station. Steven worked specifically on developing the mechanism to deploy the solar panels and antennas. “When you’re designing on such a small scale, especially within a budget, there’s not really any room for one moving component let alone four,” Stephen said. “It really pushed me to be more creative than I was used to, and I couldn’t be happier about the end result.”

The small satellites went into orbit on January 24 and the team of students were able to watch the live stream as well as have access to the launch video for replay.

Steven Gioiosa

McCormick Stevenson is proud of Steven’s hard work and commitment to overcoming the challenges on this unique project with his teammates at USF.

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