Chris Morin, McCormick Stevenson's IT Deparement, donates to eSmart Recycling
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July 31, 2023

IT Donates Technology to Help Funds Tech Labs for Kids – eSmart Recycling

When Chris Morin from the McCormick Stevenson IT Department heard about a company that leverages legacy computers and other technology to fund computer labs for kids, he was intrigued. He saw an opportunity to clean out and give back. Before long, the IT team – including Chris Morin and Ryan Stevenson — had rolled up their sleeves and packed up some old technology from the MCCST storage room to donate to eSmart Recycling in Tampa, FL.

eSmart Recycling takes the donated equipment and uses it as a catalyst to fund technology incubators for children in the community and beyond, who wouldn’t otherwise have access to their own computing systems.

Chris described the experience, “The owner was featured on BayNews9 and I really like his message about giving back to the community, especially to kids. The process was really simple. I would recommend using them again.”

Thanks to Chris and Ryan for making a difference to the kids who will benefit from the computer access they now have because of your efforts!

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