Luke Keith Promoted to System Administrator / IT Specialist

January 22, 2024

Luke Keith Promoted to System Administrator/IT Specialist

McCormick Stevenson is pleased to announce that Luke Keith has been promoted to System Administrator/IT Specialist at MCCST. In his new role, Luke will help MCCST maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure to enable efficient and effective end-to-end engineering and business operations. Luke will also play a key role in ensuring MCCST continues to meet emerging Cybersecurity challenges in an ever-changing world.

MCCST Director of Engineering, JB Wright, has seen Luke’s value to the team first-hand during his years supporting Metrology in the Engineering group. “Luke has been a utility player supporting all our teammates in different ways since the day he joined us. In his new role in IT, he continues to support and help guide us in a way that is critical to how we conduct our business, as well as supporting compliance with Cybersecurity. I am proud to see his growth and look forward to his continued contributions to ensure our mission success.”

On behalf of the entire MCCST team, join us in congratulating Luke on his future success in his new role!

To learn more about Luke and the Team read here.

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