J.B. Wright of McCormick Stevenson: Giving Back to USF Engineering Students
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May 23, 2019

J.B. Wright of McCormick Stevenson: Giving Back to USF Engineering Students

McCormick Stevenson’s J.B. Wright has been recognized by the University of South Florida’s (USF) College of Engineering for creating the endowment, “J.B. Wright Scholarship Fund.”  This legacy fund will offer scholarships at the College of Engineering, USF Tampa campus. Qualifying freshman can be granted funds for up to two semesters based on merit with a preference for financial need.  Students must have a proven track record of both extra-curricular activities and volunteerism. 

 Upon J.B.’s entrance into USF and the College of Engineering, he was fortunate to receive a similar merited scholarship. Since his graduation and entry into the engineering field, he regularly gives back to students. From sitting on advisory boards, participating in the annual Engineering EXPO, volunteering at resume workshops, internship mixers, and career talks, J.B. continually mentors students and gives back to his alma matter.

Recently, J.B. became a member of the Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board (MEAB) for the USF College of Engineering. The board discusses program direction and improvements, listens to students, receives updates from student societies and more. It’s interesting to note that J.B. filled the spot previously held by Noel McCormick, President of McCormick Stevenson. J.B. now continues McCormick Stevenson’s long-standing dedication and support to the USF College of Engineering.

J.B. Wright is thrilled to take his USF ambassador role to the next level with this endowment scholarship noting, “USF did a lot for me and helped make me the successful engineer I have become. While attending school there, I was able to land an internship in Defense and Aerospace at Honeywell.” He goes on to say, “I’m creating the endowment scholarship in hopes that students like me have the opportunity to start a great career and then eventually pay it forward. As an engineering alumni, we’re all taught the tools to engineer lives for the better. I like to think I have been doing that by protecting our service men and women. I have always worked to protect those who protect us.”

J.B. Wright joined McCormick Stevenson earlier this year as Program Manager and has already made significant contributions. McCormick Stevenson is happy to have J.B. on the team and congratulates him on this exciting endowment accomplishment.

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