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June 29, 2018

Giving Back to Our Community / Alan Gauzens, McCormick Stevenson

Giving back to our community is a hallmark of McCormick Stevenson and our staff, whether it be in a professional setting, or benefiting our local community charities.

Alan Gauzens, Senior Program Manager has led the Knights of Columbus—an organization at his church—for the past two years.  Recently the organization liquidated real estate, and under Alan’s leadership donated the full $600,000 in proceeds to charitable organizations including: Our Lady of Lourdes Church and School in Dunedin, FL, and St. Michael’s Church in Clearwater, FL ($425,000) for children’s education and ministries to the public; the Kimberly Home in Clearwater ($75,000) for children and family support causes; Sacred Heart School in Acul de Pins, Haiti ($40,000) to break the grip of poverty that is driven by lack of education; House of Mercy and Encouragement in Dunedin ($20,000) for mental health counseling to youth and families that silently plagues so many; St. Vincent de Paul Society in Dunedin ($20,000) to aid the down-trodden and needy; Retirement fund for Religious in St. Petersburg ($10,000) to help elderly religious in their later years; and finally, Pinellas Hope in Pinellas Park ($10,000) to provide transition housing to the homeless.

Alan relates, “Our lives are benefited by many blessings of supportive work associates, family and friends.  Giving back is just a small measure of how one life can impact many; like the stone thrown into the still pond.  We may not see the impact of our one action—but the ripples continue.”

We appreciate the many actions of our employees to help improve the lives of others.

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