Dan Gula, Engineer with McCormick Stevenson

December 7, 2023

Dan Gula Promoted to Engineer

McCormick Stevenson is excited to announce that Dan Gula has agreed to join MCCST as a full-time Engineer, upon graduation from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Dan’s tenure with MCCST began nearly a year ago when he joined the team as an Engineering Associate while completing his degree at USF. He has made contributions to engineering tooling in that capacity and will continue to work with the Equipment Engineering team going forward.

Dan’s manager, Adam Voran, says that “Dan has demonstrated the highest level of service and teamwork while navigating the rigors of completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at USF. We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Dan as the newest permanent team member at McCormick Stevenson.”

Paul Stevenson, Dan Gula, Melissa McCormick, and Noel McCormick

Congratulations Dan! We look forward to many years of engineering innovations with you!

To learn more about Dan and the Team read here.

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