Dan Gula, Engineering Associate

January 25, 2023

Dan Gula Joins Team as an Engineering Associate

McCormick Stevenson is pleased to announce Dan Gula has joined the team as an Engineering Associate. Dan is currently in pursuit of his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida. He brings previous experience working in a fabrication environment and leverages that manufacturing knowledge to develop products that are designed for ease of manufacture. Dan uses his engineering talents to participate on the team in development of new and innovative technologies that directly benefit our armed forces. His detail-oriented and thorough approach to solving engineering challenges helps ensure products we develop for our clients meet the necessary quality standards.

In his free time, Dan enjoys golf, hockey, trap shooting, and poker.

Dan’s, manager, Matt, announced the hire noting, “Dan is an engineering student with an outstanding work ethic who is motivated to ensure we deliver quality products on-time.”

Welcome to McCormick Stevenson, Dan!

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