Adam Voran, Equipment Engineering Manager with McCormick Stevenson

November 21, 2023

Adam Voran promoted to Equipment Engineering Manager

McCormick Stevenson is pleased to announce that Adam Voran has been promoted to Equipment Engineering Manager at MCCST. Adam’s leadership and technical expertise will strengthen MCCST’s growing equipment, tooling, and gaging capabilities. Adam will manage the Equipment Engineering Group and continue to work directly with MCCST customers.

Adam’s manager, Nat McCormick, acknowledges Adam’s contributions to Equipment Engineering during his tenure at MCCST, stating, “Adam has consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering the highest quality work to our customers and bringing out the best in our team.”

Congratulations Adam! The MCCST team wishes you well and looks forward to seeing you excel in your new role!

To learn more about Adam and the Team read here.

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