We would love to tell you how wonderful it is to intern with us, but we don’t want to you take our word for it – we want to encourage you to listen to the MCCST community instead. These testimonials are our inspiration everyday for providing you the best internship experience we can.

It is our goal that an internship at MCCST not only allows you to learn new skills, explore our organization, network with experts, connect with thought leaders, and finish with a resume that opens doors; but that you will gain something even more valuable: pride in what you’ve done.


  • For our college level internships we typically look for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors at accredited colleges and universities.
  • We look for high potential students: outstanding academic record, detail oriented, problem solver, excellent verbal and written communication skills, experience with MS Office, ability to work in a team environment.
  • US Person.
  • Work assignments typically begin in May/June and end in August/September. There are some opportunities for interns to stay on in a part-time internship capacity year round.
  • Included in many of our intern programs are orientation and kick-off events, networking opportunities with leadership and engineers, social activities, and learning sessions.
  • We’re committed to nurturing the engineers of tomorrow.