McCormick Stevenson

The Benefits of Outsourcing Dimensional Measurement with McCormick Stevenson

McCormick Stevenson (MCCST) is serving the dimensional measurement and inspection needs of Aerospace & Defense manufacturers across America. Located in Clearwater, Florida, just 30 minutes from the Tampa International airport, MCCST is a small, non-traditional defense contractor offering an alternative solution to your measurement needs. Our qualified personnel and modern measurement equipment stand ready to support your staff, with all inspection and measurement results made immediately available for download from our secure web-based data portal.

Why Partner with McCormick Stevenson?

Our Focus on Relationships, not Transactions: MCCST seeks to build a growing and durable partnership in service to your business mission – not simply a series of profitable transactions. Through close collaboration with your team, we work to continuously refine our service offerings and demonstrate ever-increasing value, while ensuring that you retain control when and where you choose.

Our Corporate Strength & Reliability: With a culture and history of moderate, manageable, quality-driven growth, MCCST stands on a strong foundation built over two decades. This financially stable footing helps to ensure you have a healthy partner for the future.

Our Collaborative Team Spirit: A radical openness in everything from contract negotiations to detailed technical discussions permits deep integration of our team and yours. Through mutual respect, strategic patience, and demonstrated performance we build trusted relationships in service to your business needs – at all levels within your organization.

Our Emphasis on Security & Confidentiality: With decades of experience handling confidential and classified data, our team is focused on protecting your mission-critical information. Our dedicated cybersecurity staff is well-prepared to collaborate with your own to ensure your business needs are met. We are ITAR registered, NIST 800-171 compliant, and well-prepared to obtain CMMC Level-3 certification when fully defined and available.

Our Focused Expertise: Engaging our team’s dimensional measurement expertise liberates your staff to focus on their most pressing and impactful challenges. By entrusting MCCST with your manufacturing measurement tasks, your team is free to apply their time and talent to fulfilling your organizations core mission and meeting your most fundamental commitments.

A More Attractive Cost Model: By engaging with MCCST you can convert much of the fixed cost of labor and machinery associated with manufacturing measurement to a variable cost, offering a better match to your ever-changing business needs.

We pride ourselves in response time and agility. Contact us today to further discuss how we can help you.