Jacob Stambaugh, US Coast Guard, Engineer

May 6, 2023

National Military Appreciation Month – McCormick Stevenson Joins the Nation in Tribute

In appreciation to the men and women of the US Military, McCormick Stevenson thanks you for your service. Today, we are proud to highlight our team member, Jacob Stambaugh. Jacob, now an Engineer with MCCST, served for eight years in the US Coast Guard and achieved the rank of E5.

Jacob entered the service right out of high school and spent three years stationed near Sacramento, about two hours from the coast. He had never before realized that there are a thousand miles of rivers and waterways in a sprawling delta until he joined the men and women in his unit. Together, they performed Search and Rescue, law enforcement support, and provided escorts for high-value containers entering several West Coast ports. It was quite a learning experience for someone barely twenty years old at the time!

Jacob’s military career path led him from California to Clearwater, Florida, where he was deployed to Great Inagua, Bahamas. It may have seemed glamorous on the way when he got a great view of the sunset from the open crew door of the H60 helicopter, but when he got there, he ended up covered head to toe in a mosquito net to protect him from the worst mosquitoes of his life!

He braved the elements and eventually became an Aviation Maintenance Technician for helicopter systems in Clearwater. He found the challenge of working on complex machinery incredibly rewarding and exciting, and it sparked his interest in engineering as a life-long career (lucky for us!). He pursued engineering, in part, to satisfy his curiosity about how to build and modify things for better performance.

Jacob credits the military for his personal and professional growth. It instilled in him a sense of purpose. It armed him with characteristics that he carries with him through his daily life and certainly into his work at MCCST – confidence, pride in a job well done, commitment to the team, and a work ethic that focuses on achievement and working toward a greater goal. He says that not only did he meet people and have experiences that he would never have had any other way, but the Coast Guard gave him a solid foundation for his life.

We’re very proud to have Jacob here as an Engineer at MCCST. We are pleased he can leverage his military experiences to benefit the services through his engineering work.

On behalf of MCCST, thank you, Jacob and all the men and women of the military for their service.

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