August 31, 2016

MCCST’s Zachary White is participating in the Corporate Ambassadors Program at USF

In 1998, the USF Engineering Alumni Society (EAS) ( founded the Corporate Ambassador Program (CAP) to foster a closer relationship between College of Engineering students and the thousands of alumni. The Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the engineering community at large and the College; among them is Zachary White, Engineer at MCCST.

Corporate Ambassadors benefit from:

  •  Increased visibility within their organization as a champion of their company and the engineering community
  • Strong network with USF resources and potential partnerships with peer companies
  • Opportunities to simultaneously give back to USF students and discover the best suited talent for your company

Ambassadors facilitate success with the College, such as:

  • Completing company research projects supported by students and faculty
  • Assisting EAS in distributing over $30,000 annually in scholarships and conference travel grants
  • Increasing the presence of corporations on campus through building upgrades and participating in Engineering EXPO and professional societies
  • Through its rich academic and research programs, the USF College of Engineering offers the corporate community a valuable resource for workforce development where everyone – alumni, students and local companies – benefits. Find out how your organization can play a key role in the newly released College of Engineering 2025 Strategic Plan.

You can participate from wherever your organization is located. Call Carissa (813-684-3979) or any EAS officer for more information.

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