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February 26, 2019

McCormick Stevenson’s Engineering Associates – Internship Team

At McCormick Stevenson we understand the importance of professional development and industry networking and the impact it has on our company’s corporate culture. It’s one of our top core values. Our leadership trio of Melissa, Noel, and Paul enhance the team’s dynamic by encouraging a culture of collaboration and mentoring. This philosophy also extends to our internship program. For over 15 years, McCormick Stevenson’s internship program has enabled students to learn new skills, explore our organization, network with experts, connect with industry leaders, and finish with a resume that opens doors.

Having a desire to enhance our industry networking and internship program opportunities, McCormick Stevenson became a founding member of the Tampa Bay Engineering Internship Alliance (TBEIA). TBEIA began in 2013 when we joined forces with other local business leaders and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to create a coalition of technology companies dedicated to ensuring high-quality internship opportunities for engineering and technology students. Today, McCormick Stevenson has six interns on our team, all of whom have a connection to TBEIA. These interns shared their thoughts on how they got started with McCormick Stevenson in the quotes below.  

“I first heard about McCormick Stevenson in my communications for engineers’ class at the University of South Florida. Nat, the Design Manager at McCormick Stevenson, was in my resume peer review group. I remember handing Nat my resume and smiling at the sight of his astonishment. He said one word: “Wow.” Immediately after class Nat handed me his card and told me to email him my resume and cover letter. “We aren’t necessarily looking for a new intern, but we are always looking for new talent,” Nat explained. After an interesting interview featuring a lot of laughing and a robot, they hired me as a part-time intern. Every day at work, I am reminded that learning involves curiosity and questions, and I have an abundance of both.”   Parker Adams

“I was first introduced to McCormick Stevenson through the Tampa Bay Internship Mixer Alliance. It was an amazing opportunity to meet local companies, network, and discover all the opportunities available for students. Two months after the mixer, McCormick Stevenson reached out for a possible internship. One month later, I started my engineering career as an intern. The mixer was a perfect event to reach out to many companies all in one night, and ultimately get an internship.”   Ish – Ishara Lepoth Deniyage

“I was introduced to McCormick Stevenson at the engineering mixer last fall. It was a great opportunity to network and explore new companies. The mixer is a great way for companies to give back to the students and provide outlets for career growth.”   Nathan Ewers

“I first heard about McCormick Stevenson from a classmate suggesting that I apply for the internship. My internship experience at McCormick Stevenson has been enjoyable and very worthwhile. Not only have I been able to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in school, but I have learned new skills and knowledge of the engineering world that have made me better both professionally and academically.”   Azher Hamid

“I became an intern through networking resources after a TBEIA internship mixer event. I spoke to representatives from McCormick Stevenson about the defense industry and learned a lot, including that they were not hiring at the time. I was notified later about an intern opening from a networking resource. McCormick Stevenson is one of the only mechanical design employers I have seen weigh personality over technical skills when hiring interns to create a learning environment. I have been working here since July 2018 and have learned technical drawing skills by designing products to be released for use.”    Nick Carter

“I came to know McCormick Stevenson through the TBEIA Internship Mixer. I initially heard of the event through a USF email discussing the event for a variety of engineering majors. Having a specific interest in defense work, MCCST was appealing to me. After meeting and speaking with several MCCST staff members at the mixer, it became clear that our interests were mutual. I began my internship in January 2019, and so far, the time has flown by with many, many, new things learned along the way (and more to come!)”  Stephen Selph

If you’re a Tampa Bay engineering or technology student or a local industry expert looking to get involved with TBEIA, plan to attend our next mixer to learn more about us and make valuable connections. Join us on Thursday, March 7th, 6:00 pm to 8:15 pm at Kelly Services Atrium. This event is free to attend. Please register online and learn more:

Students register at:

Companies and/or Sponsors register at:

For more information on TBEIA, please join our LinkedIn Group  We’re committed to developing the engineers of tomorrow.

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