Manufacturing Inspection Services

In conjunction with our Manufacturing and Test Systems capabilities, McCormick Stevenson offers Manufacturing Inspection Services in our lab facility, or on-site at customer designated locations. These services are provided with rapid turnaround time and complete documentation. By handling your dimensional inspection services needs, we are able to provide a variety of outsourcing benefits to you such as increased flexibility, quicker turnaround time, access to industry expertise, reduced labor costs and improved risk management.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017, PJLA Testing Accreditation #117064

Ron Erdmann demonstrating Manufacturing-EquipmentPrototypingReverse-Engineering

Contract Inspection

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Batch Inspection for Key Characteristics
  • Capability Studies
  • Visual Inspection and Sorting
  • Source Inspection
  • Turnkey Inspection Systems
  • Project Management
  • Reverse Engineering

Complete Outsourcing Program

  • Part Inspection (rework and complete final
    processes as required)
  • Interface with supplier regarding discrepancies
    and clarifications
  • Packaging
  • Ship to final destination

Online and Offline CMM Part Programming

  • Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS)
  • Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM)

Inspection Services Equipment

McCormick Stevenson uses state-of-the-art equipment for all our Inspection Services needs. Below are details on the various tools we use and have access to in our Manufacturing Inspections Lab

Numerex DCC CMM (40” x 28” x 24”)

  • Coordinate-Measuring Machine
  • Volumetric Accuracy .00025”
  • Renishaw PH9 Probe System
  • CMM-Manager Software (Nikon)

Helmel DCC CMM (16” x 20” x 14”)

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Volumetric Accuracy .00020”
  • Renishaw PH8 Probe System
  • CMM-Manager Software (Nikon)

Standard Inspection Equipment

  • Various handheld measuring tools

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Bob Neshta, Dimensional Metrology Lab Manager
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