Delivering mechanically rugged solutions for Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security.

Rugged Electronic Systems

Armaments & Weapons Systems


McCormick Stevenson helps you meet the challenge across many Mission Environments.

Challenging environments teach engineers hard lessons… At McCormick Stevenson we’ve learned these hard lessons, and stand ready to apply what we’ve learned on your behalf. With a single-minded focus on the Aerospace & Defense Industry, we understand what makes your job difficult; we’ve been there before. Whether we’re designing to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental requirements, the bruising challenge of a MIL-S-901 Shock Test, or hundreds of other stringent military & aerospace expectations, our team will help you meet the challenge.


The sea is relentless… At sea, sooner or later everything breaks. Corrosion, humidity, and constant motion are among the enemies. At McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design we know the opposition, and we know how to resist its destructive forces.



Birds make it look so easy…But then again, birds aren’t asked to carry hundreds of passengers or tons of munitions across continents, through bad weather, at any hour of the day or night. The dynamic effects of flight can be brutally hard on equipment; on critical systems that cannot fail. At McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design we understand the challenge, and we help you meet it head-on.


The airborne and maritime worlds are tough, but life on Land isn’t much easier… Dust and debris are tireless foes, and reliable systems must meet the challenge. At McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design we understand the threat, and design solutions to avoid failure.



The phrase “Hand-carried” sounds so safe… We know better. Handheld devices must perform in ALL environments—and very often as conditions deteriorate, the need becomes more critical. When Military and Homeland Security first-responders put their lives on the line, McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design makes sure that their tools don’t let them down.


Space is empty, endless, and forbidding—with damaging radiation in endless supply. Nowhere is the need for careful, competent mechanical design more important, and at McCormick Stevenson Engineering + Design, we are well-prepared to help you meet the challenge.


We help you serve America’s Heroes…

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