Edgar Mustafaraj,, Staff Designer

January 18, 2023

Edgar Mustafaraj Joins Team as Staff Designer

McCormick Stevenson is pleased to announce Edgar Mustafaraj has joined the team as Staff Designer. Edgar brings over 32 years of experience to McCormick Stevenson in the areas of die casting, mold design, DFM/DFA, and manufacturing processes. His broad experience in these areas of manufacturing engineering are a great addition to McCormick Stevenson’s engineering capabilities.

In his free time Edgar enjoys swimming and playing the guitar.

Edgar’s, manager, Nat, announced the hire noting, “Edgar’s extensive background in mold design and manufacturing engineering have already made an impact on our team. He has been able to step in and immediately get to work modifying mold designs for our customers”.

Welcome to McCormick Stevenson, Edgar!

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