McCormick Stevenson Celebrates 20th Anniversary

January 2019 was quite a month here at McCormick Stevenson. In addition to reaching our 20th anniversary milestone, we also welcomed new team members and negotiated our largest contract in history.

Over the last two decades we’ve grown from the dynamic duo of Melissa and Noel McCormick to the addition of Paul Stevenson in 2001, and today to a 39-person team with new staffing planned throughout 2019. Our founding team shared their thoughts on achieving this special anniversary:

“McCormick Stevenson would like to thank our entire team along with all the customers and vendors who’ve made this 20-year journey enjoyable. We look forward to many more years serving America’s Heroes as only engineers can.”

“Wow 20 years! From the office in our home to the Causeway to downtown Dunedin to our current location in Clearwater, it is always the professionalism of our team – respecting clients and colleagues with integrity and accountability – that drives our success. Here’s to 20 more!”

Melissa McCormick
Chairman and CEO

“It’s a tribute to our staff that we’ve reached this 20-year milestone of providing engineering services. I’m confident our next 20 years will yield additional growth and increasing value to the defense community and the U.S. warfighter.”

Paul Stevenson
Executive Vice President

“I’m a fortunate man. Blessed to work with extraordinary people in pursuit of a noble mission. As we like to say here at McCormick Stevenson – We Serve America’s Heroes, as only engineers can. I look forward to leading, and someday simply watching, as our blessings continue to grow, and our circle of friends and supporters enjoy the benefits of our shared success.”

Noel McCormick

McCormick Stevenson is celebrating this milestone anniversary throughout the year with special client and team events along with digital activities. We also plan to highlight notable moments across our 20-year history.

Check out the McCormick Stevenson 20th Anniversary Press Release which celebrates this special company milestone.

Here’s a great before and after photo of Nat McCormick – first at our founding in 1999, sitting in Noel’s very first home office, and then as our Design Manager today – once again occupying Noel’s office!